The Ardeid

The Ardeid Journal

The Ardeid—Audubon Canyon Ranch’s annual journal of Conservation Science and Stewardship—was published between 1990–2018 under the direction of Dr. John Kelly and geared toward members who volunteer for our science, stewardship and education programs.

The Ardeid Collection holds a wealth of our findings and serves as a record of the region’s ecology. We hope you’ll refer to these articles often.

As of 2019, our conservation insights are published in Conservation in Action, our bi-annual newsletter, as well as in our online blog more often.

This special edition Ardeid includes a directory of all articles over its three-decade run in addition to several featured article excerpts.

Directory: The Ardeid 1990–2018 page 3

In Progress: Conservation Science accomplishments page 14

Our Community: Volunteers bring the
ACR mission to life page 15

Slow Local Recovery: Disturbance ecology of herons and egrets by John P. Kelly page 1

Habitat From a Bird’s Eye View: Toward highly detailed predictive maps of bird-habitat relationships by Scott Jennings page 6

A Year Following Egrets: Insights from birds with GPS tags by David Lumpkin page 10

Chaparral Rediscovered: Following the “fire followers” at Bouverie Preserve by Jennifer Potts and Jeanne Wirka page 13

The Movement Ecology of Egrets: Studying top predators to understand landscape habitat linkages by Scott Jennings Page 1

The Foundation: California fire ecology by Sasha Berleman Page 4

Toms Point Archaeology: Investigating Native American history at Tomales Bay by Tsim D. Schneider and Lee M. Panich Page 7

Toms Point Zooarchaeology: Archaeological faunas shed light on the diets of past Toms Point residents by Anneke Janzen, Amanda Hill, and Tsim D. Schneider Page 10

Walk Through to a New Era: Electronic walk-through cage for mountain lions by Quinton Martins and Neil Martin Page13

Echoes of Ecological Dependence: Waterbird reliance on Pacific herring by John P. Kelly Page 1

Ardeid Landscapes: Using statewide data to model the habitat needs of nesting herons and egrets by Emiko Condeso Page 6

Recreation Ecology: The impact of hikers on wildlife by Michelle Reilly and Sherry Adams Page 10

The Role of Top Predators in Ecosystems: Mountain lion research at ACR by Quinton Martins Page 13

Careful Stitches: Acting beyond property boundaries to hold back a non-native Spartina invasion by Emiko Condeso and Ingrid Hogle Page 1

Staying Connected: ACR’s regional habitat corridor partnerships in the Sonoma Valley by Jeanne Wirka Page 4

Bad-boy Salad: Phenology, culture, and software for stewardship, education, and research by Dave Self Page 6

Shorebird Recovery in Tomales Bay: Restoration of the Giacomini Wetlands stimulates winter population growth by John P. Kelly Page 10

Where Have All the Egrets Gone?: Recent events at the Martin Griffin Preserve heronry by Sarah Millus Page 1

Remembrance: Helen Pratt by John P. Kelly Page 3

Ripples in the Pool: Local shifts, indefinite cycles, and the future of herons and egrets in Bolinas Lagoon by John Kelly Page 4

Bolinas Lagoon: Incorporating science and sense of place in a changing world by Gwen Heistand Page 7

Branching Out: ACR launches a new long-term monitoring survey on Pine Flat Road by Emiko Condeso Page 10