The field of prescribed fire: A resource hub

The Field of Prescribed Fire

The prescribed fire field is vast and varied.

To support you in your knowledge of the diverse topics that are relevant for prescribed fire practitioners, Audubon Canyon Ranch’s prescribed fire leaders and ecologists have compiled excerpts from the growing body of scientific research, traditional ecological knowledge, and papers from subject-area experts. We will add to this resource page regularly. Enjoy, and check back often!

Prehistoric Fire Area and Emissions from California’s Forests, Woodlands, Shrublands, and Grasslands

Skies were likely smokey much of the summer and fall in California during the prehistoric period. Increasing the use of fire in California is an important land management objective.

Native American Land-Use Practices and Ecological Impacts

This chapter explores why management and restoration of the Sierra Nevada bioregion should be grounded in historical as well as ecological research.

Liability and Prescribed Fire: Perception and Reality

The empirical risk of liability from escaped fires is minimal (>1%). Other factors may be leading to landowners’ exaggerated concerns of risk of liability when considering use of prescribed fire.

Counteracting wildfire misinformation

Misinformation confuses people about the causes, contexts, and impacts of wildfire and hinders our ability to adapt to and plan for inevitable future fires.