Business Partnerships

Business Partnerships

Connect more deeply on the issues you care about

Partnerships with Audubon Canyon Ranch (ACR) provide businesses – both large and small, established and start-up – the opportunity to align with a nonprofit organization that has a 60-year track record working with local communities in the North Bay to protect nature through land preservation, environmental education and conservation science.

Business partnerships provide direct financial support, as well as in-kind services and materials, which are vital to the successful delivery of ACR’s mission.

Please contact Director of Philanthropy Jen Newman to learn how we can help your business gain greater visibility, enhance its cause-related marketing, and enrich its public image.

Your support is acknowledged across our communications channels

  • Company logo and/or name appears under special call-out “This project funded in part by [your company name here]” on project fliers, webpage and slide presentations at community talks.
  • A shared social channel notice of partnership; ACR may reference @Company_handle in a post featuring project updates.
  • Partners are encouraged to share or initiate a post referencing @AudubonCanyonRanch.
  • Acknowledgement in the Annual Report

Connecting on our shared values

  • 35+ articles per year in print, online, broadcast and radio media covering our work—stories with broad appeal to local, regional and national audiences.
  • 8,500+ eNews subscribers
  • 39K+ Twitter followers @AudubonCanyon
  • 5500+ Facebook followers /auduboncanyonranch
  • 3000+ Instagram followers @auduboncanyonranch, @fire.forward, and @LwL_trailcameraproject
  • 60K+ Vimeo video views


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