Volunteers are the lifeblood of the programs of Audubon Canyon Ranch. Over 400 active volunteers—and the thousands of hours they collectively donate every year—make the ACR mission come to life.

Over the past five decades, ACR has trained hundreds of docents who have in turn shared their time and love of nature with generations of schoolchildren. Thousands of other volunteers have oriented visitors, provided expert natural history interpretation, cleared trails, removed invasive plants, become field observers, worked in ACR’s library and completed construction projects. ACR would be nowhere without its volunteers!

Join us today and start connecting with the beauty of our preserves, make new friends, and know you are helping protect the wildlands of Marin and Sonoma counties. Volunteer opportunities include:


• Bouverie Preserve Docent

• Martin Griffin Preserve Docent

• Martin Griffin Preserve Nature Guide (formerly Ranch Guide)


• Heron and Egret Project

• Waterbird monitoring

• Shorebird monitoring


• Bouverie Preserve Stewards

• Martin Griffin Preserve Stewards

• Modini Preserve Stewards