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ACR's bi-annual report to our community is now available online and features preserve and program updates, including: • Fifty Years of ACR’s School Program • Lions Compete for Territory in Sonoma • Giving Coastal Prairie a Chance in West Marin • Curlew Captures at Point Reyes • Honoring Big-Hearted Spirits • Plus, our salute to L. Martin "Marty" Griffin, ACR's founder and emeritus director, on the occasion of his 100th birthday.
As Fisher's July 3 birthday approaches, her daughter Kennedy Golden reflects on her mother's life long love of tending geraniums, a tradition we kept on the Preserve until the Nuns Fire of 2017. "Window sills and patios always had ceramic pots of geraniums in every home I can recall, from California to Aix-en-Provence and ultimately to Last House on the Bouverie Preserve in Glen Ellen."
Climate justice advocate and Bouverie Preserve Juniper Lucia Garay has been awarded the 2020 David Bouverie Scholarship. Over the years, she has co-led guided nature walks, participated in newt counts, took part in Conservation Science Intensive, aided in the training of new Junipers, and so much more.
ACR’s Fire Forward team coordinated the burn plans, equipment, and training opportunities for prescribed burning events at the Van Hoosear Wildflower Preserve and Cooley Ranch this past Memorial Day weekend. Both of these controlled burns on privately held lands went off without a hitch, another sign that regional prescribed burn partnerships are stronger than ever.
While we work from home, the miles logged by shorebirds we have radio-tagged has us longing for an unconfined drive to points beyond—perhaps a birding trip to the Central Valley or more miles logged on the Pacific Crest Trail. Alas, we take solace in science and focus our gaze on the spring destinations of Long-billed Curlews and Western Sandpipers.
In late April, Living with Lions director Dr. Quinton Martins picked up GPS data suggesting that P5, a territorial male in the Sonoma Mountain area, had crossed Hwy 12 onto Bouverie Preserve and encountered P16, a first-time mom, and her two kittens sired by another male mountain lion.

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