In April, the ACR Board selected Brakeley Search as a partner to undertake the recruitment of ACR's next chief executive officer. Based in the Bay Area since 2008, Brakeley Search specializes in delivering high quality executive search services to non-profits.

We are delighted to announce that the search is now underway. Please review complete position description and appliction process.

The Opportunity:

Audubon Canyon Ranch engages and affects the community through its mission of “connecting nature, people, and science in a rapidly changing world,” its ecologically-significant properties and preserves, and its varied stewardship, research, and education programs. The new CEO will accomplish their goals in collaboration with a strong talented staff of 33 and volunteer cohort of 400.

It’s an exciting time for ACR and for the next CEO. ACR will complete a four-year strategic plan in 2022. The new CEO will be poised to evaluate ACR’s progress towards the strategic plan with the board, staff, and volunteers, factoring in the effects of the pandemic in looking to future plans for ACR.

While ACR has a healthy endowment which provides financial stability, philanthropic support and other revenue must increase to ensure a balanced budget not dependent on draws from the endowment. The next CEO will play a key role to strengthen and grow fundraising and grant income. Building and strengthening partnerships and alliances will also be an important goal and includes continuing dialogue with local tribal leaders.

The new CEO should see the big picture, be a visionary, and see ACR’s place in it. The future for ACR is bright.

The position is based at ACR’s Bouverie Preserve in Glen Ellen, California.

Please review complete position description and appliction process.