Essential Materials

Please be sure to bring these documents with you on your survey.
BBS_MapbookR2.pdf  This map book describes the locations of all the point count stations. The station markers can be difficult to find the first time out, so please review this document carefully and call us if you have any questions. If you would like us to print a copy for you, please let us know. You will need this document in the field. If you have a handheld GPS or a smartphone with GPS, we can provide station coordinates in many formats or assist you with setting up a free smartphone app.

PineFlatBBS_FieldForm.pdf   Please use this field form to record your survey data. Please print out copies for yourself or request we mail them to you. You will need this form in the field.

Pine_Flat_Road_BB_Survey_shortprotocol_final.pdf This is the survey protocol that describes how the counts should be conducted. Please review this carefully! If you have any questions, do call us before you go out. We highly recommend printing a copy (or requesting that we mail you one) so that you can refer to it in the field.

Supplementary Materials

These documents and resources provide background information and other materials to support your work on this survey.
CHECKLIST OF BIRDS.pdf   Checklist of birds of Pine Flat Road and the Mayacamas Mountains Sanctuary (Bill Bayne and Ian Morrison 2003, Madrone Audubon Society)

List of 4-letter species codes. This is a list of 4-letter species abbreviations. Using 4-letter codes can make recording data quicker. Citation: Pyle, P., and D. DeSante. 2011. List of North American birds and alpha codes according to American Ornithologists' Union taxonomy through the 53rd AOU Supplement [Downloaded 4/6/2018].

Modini Mayacamas Preserves Access Permit  The survey runs through the Mayacamas Mountains Preserves of Audubon Canyon Ranch. This document is provided for your information, as it describes preserve rules and potential hazards. IMPORTANT: if you would like to hike on the preserve or drive off the paved public road (not required for this count), you must first attend an orientation by preserve staff.

Monitoring Bird Populations by Point Counts (Ralph et al 1995) This document is provided for background reading, if you are so inclined. This is a link to the US Forest Service publication, Monitoring Bird Populations by Point Counts (1995). Authors: C. John Ralph, John R. Sauer, Sam Droege.

PineFlatStations20130409.kmz  Download this file to view the locations of the point count stations in Google Earth. Note you must have Google Earth installed on your computer to be able to open this file.

PineFlatStations.gpx  This is a GPX format file of the point count station locations. This will be useful if you have a hand-held GPS such as a Garmin. Note: we can also provide other GPS files which will work with smartphones. If you are interested, please contact us.