Transportation Scholarship Application - Martin Griffin Preserve

ACR offers transportation scholarships to classes participating in our education programs.

Terms and qualifications:

  • Complete the form below and submit by August 25, 2020. Funding may not be available for applications received after this deadline. When submitting this form, you must acknowledge that your principal or district administrator approves this application and agrees to the terms and qualifications.
  • Include with your application the bus quote and a confirmation of your bus reservation.
  • ACR may provide scholarships for 20%–100% of the requested amount, however the maximum per bus is $800. Your efforts to secure the most cost-effective transportation frees up funds for others.
    • Strongly recommended: schools with 70% or more FRPM qualify for supplementary funding with the Environmental Volunteers Transportation Fund.
    • If funds remain after allocation, they may be distributed to late requests or those whose need exceeds $800/class (see form question below). Classes from schools with 60% or more FRPM will be given priority.
  • ACR will mail a check for the granted scholarship amount to the designated party below after the class has visited the Preserve. ACR cannot pay the bus company directly.
$ (not guaranteed)
Files must be less than 6 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png pdf doc docx.