These photos were taken on ACR's Modini Mayacamas Preserves by motion-activated mounted trail cameras.

Some of the photos below were taken as part of the Wildlife Picture Index Project, a collaboration with local wildlife biologist Sue Townsend and the Pepperwood Preserve. The project uses an internationally-recognized methodology that provides information about how much the Preserves gets used by various animals. The data can be used to study change through time. Find more information about the Wildlife Picture Index Project in the Ardeid 2013

Some photos depict wildlife in a tub. Decades ago Jim and Shirley Modini, benefactors of the Modini Mayacamas Preserves, placed a cast iron tub at a natural spring as a trough for cattle and wildlife. Today in that very spot, a mounted camera takes motion-sensor photos of wildlife passing by. We were especially thrilled to capture these playful photos. 

Enjoy the slideshow or click through the thumbnails below. 


BobcatWild boars