Welcome, Egret 11

We were not 20 minutes in to this year's Great Egret tagging season when the team welcomed Egret 11, a splendid member of the ardeid family and a top predator who enjoys foraging near ACR's research center on the edge of Tomales Bay.


From West Marin to Mexico

We will now follow GREG 11 via a small solar-powered GPS backpack. GREG 11 joins ten other birds we have tracked as far south as Mexico as part of the first study of its kind in the Western U.S. Some of the birds who traveled to the Central Valley during the winter have returned to the West Marin area. Great Egrets are at the very beginning of the nesting season right now, and are just starting to prospect nesting sites within Bay Area colonies and begin nest construction.

Follow this project as, together, we learn about how these iconic birds use wetlands and waterways throughout the West.

Watch here as Scott Jennings, one of ACR's avian ecologists, releases the bird.