The Modini Mayacamas Preserves Stewards are off to a victorious start in their effort to maintain trails, clear invasive species and complete long-range stewardship projects. In late summer, the volunteer crew convened on the Foss Road Trail high above Healdsburg to ready it for a full schedule of fall public hikes. They braved the fog AND the sun to clear out a few major roadblocks, trim the walking path and clip back the blackberry and poison oak.
A few weeks later, our intrepid team began a campaign to control the spread of non-native teasel that is invading our grasslands near Ferguson Spring.

Ongoing stewardship work performed by volunteers is vital for the long-term health of our preserves. To join us, see the next scheduled session for details:

Stewardship: A lasting commitment to conservation
Since 1962, ACR has successfully protected some of the most diverse habitats in Marin and Sonoma counties and continues to manage more than 5,000 acres of land today. With each conservation victory comes a deep responsibility to protect and steward these incredible resources for both natural and human communities forever.

ACR's Stewardship program incorporates strategic elements — Ecological Monitoring and Assessment, Habitat Restoration and Conservation Planning — that directly support our conservation activities.

We control invasive plants and animals, monitor habitat conditions, track rare and sensitive species, and implement restoration projects using both our trained staff and our cadre of stewardship volunteers.

By re-establishing and protecting the natural nutrient and energy pathways, and supporting the integrity of surrounding landscapes, ecosystems on and off ACR lands will be more resilient to environmental change. Because these activities often have broad relevance, we engage in partnerships with other land managers, restoration colleagues, and conservation organizations to promote regional habitat protection.

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