Each spring ACR conducts breeding-bird surveys at ACR’s Modini Preserve and in the surrounding area of the central Mayacamas Mountains. The counts are used to measure how the densities of nesting songbirds vary across the range of habitat types that characterize the central Mayacamas landscape.    




This effort is fueled by the expertise of numerous volunteer birders who quantify the densities and presence of breeding-birds, primarily by auditory cues, during five-minute observation periods at numerous standardized count stations along an elevational transect from the bottom to the top of Pine Flat Road, near Healdsburg, CA.

Beginning in 2018, the bird data will be combined with intensive vegetation data at each count station and extensive remote-sensed data available in the recently developed Sonoma County Vegetation map. 

Volunteer for the Central Mayacamas songbird survey

We encourage you to participate! Interested birders should review the volunteer qualifications and register online. We will get back to you as soon as possible to provide further information and let you know how to reserve survey dates.  You can also feel free to inquire by phone at 415.663.8203 ext. 401 or by email.

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