Marty Griffin had a dream . . .

In 1961, Marty Griffin dared to dream of saving an historic piece of the Marin County coast. Over the years, others have partnered with Audubon Canyon Ranch to share their dream of keeping part of California wild and pristine, among them David Bouverie, Clifford Conly, and Jim and Shirley Modini. They have been joined by dozens of individuals whose love for this land and the work of ACR have inspired legacy gifts.

Do you have a dream, too? Planned Giving as a member of the Clerin Zumwalt Legacy Circle lets you help sustain the programs & preserves of Audubon Canyon Ranch. 

What is Planned Giving? 

Planned gfts allow donors to provide future benefits to causes they care for, usually through a bequest in a will or living trust. The donor controls the bequest during life. Other methods provide the donor with immediate tax and financial benefits.

An Easy Introduction to Some Powerful Tools

View any of our 10-minute illustrated Estate-Planning Briefings on wills, living trusts, probate, trustees, charitable trusts, gift annuities, advance health care directives and other powerful estate planning tools vital to you and those you love. Gain control of your future through an up-to-date estate plan. It’s good for you, good for those you love, and, if you wish, good for Audubon Canyon Ranch.

Why Make A Planned Gift to Audubon Canyon Ranch?

A planned gift to Audubon Canyon Ranch will help ensure ACR meets its mission of protecting nature through land preservation, nature-based education and conservation science. Members of ACR's Clerin Zumwalt Legacy Circle provide an enduring source of income for the future of Audubon Canyon Ranch.

The ACR Development Team is happy to answer your questions about writing or revising your estate plan, making a planned gift to ACR, or establishing a gift that pays you or becoming a member of the Zumwalt Circle. Please contact the ACR Development Team at 415.868.9244 ext. 119.

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