Kincade Fire burns 95% of Modini Preserve but home and barn are spared

Kincade Fire burns 95% of Modini Preserve but home and barn are spared

11/1/19: Update from our Modini Preserve staff on the impact of the Kincade Fire:

ACR staff, including resident biologist Michelle Cooper and land stewards Tomas Ruiz and Kyle Doron were able to return to the preserve earlier this week and found the Modini ranch house, outbuildings and barn still standing. Our relief was magnified tenfold with gratitude to CAL FIRE Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit and the thousands of state and local firefighters determined to thwart infrastructure loss within the burn zone. In our case, the efforts to save these structures were significant: hand lines, back burning, bulldozer lines and even retardant drops. Of our 3,000 acres, roughly 2,850 burned. In the vicinity of the residential compound, the land itself appears moderately burned, not scorched. We have yet to look at areas further up the hill.

We are immensely grateful yet our joy is tempered by grief for our dear neighbors on this mountain who have lost homes and now must endure major life and work upheavals as a long recovery begins.

The outcome of several trail cameras is unknown; however, trail camera volunteer Ginny Fifield received image downloads on the afternoon of 10/25 capturing the moment CAL FIRE moved equipment through Red Hill area, followed closely by flames. What we learned in the Nuns Fire of 2017 about wildlife and nature, is that nature is resilient and we are learning to be.

Our support goes out to our friends in the community. We are here for you, let us know how we can assist.