Nest Monitor Volunteer Materials

The Regional Observation Periods for 2023

March 3–5 (Friday–Sunday)

March 18–20 (Saturday–Monday)

Mar 31–Apr 2  (Friday–Sunday)

May 6–May 8  (Saturday–Monday)

June 2–4   (Friday–Sunday)

June 17–19 (Saturday–Monday)

For more information:

Emiko Condeso

Ecologist/GIS Specialist

Cypress Grove Research Center

[email protected]

Download copies of Heron and Egret Project training materials and data forms.

HEP Packet, Complete
2022 HEP Packet—everything included!Everything you need to start observing. Instructions, forms, fact sheets.Feb 17, 2022
HEP Packet, Individual Files
2022 Field FormPlease use this new form for 2022 monitoring.Feb 15, 2022
2022 HEP HandbookMonitoring instructions, species accounts, courtship behaviors, and more.Feb 17, 2022
Active Nests Field CardA “cheat sheet” defining the term active nest.Feb 15, 2022
Nesting Stages Field CardA “cheat sheet” defining nest stages.Feb 15, 2022
Volunteer Parking PlacardAn ACR parking placard, for heronries where landowners which to know who is parked on their property.Feb 21, 2020
2022 Cover LetterWelcome LetterFeb 17, 2022
MBTA AdvisoryMigratory Bird Treaty Act advisory from CDFWFeb 21, 2020
Other Presentations
McNear Presentation
Great Blue Heron chick development through the stages by Bob Dyer and Len NelsonFeb 25, 2015

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