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The Regional Observation Periods for 2023

March 3–5 (Friday–Sunday)

March 18–20 (Saturday–Monday)

Mar 31–Apr 2  (Friday–Sunday)

May 6–May 8  (Saturday–Monday)

June 2–4   (Friday–Sunday)

June 17–19 (Saturday–Monday)

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Emiko Condeso

Ecologist/GIS Specialist

Cypress Grove Research Center

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The information you send us helps to advance our knowledge of heron and egret nesting ecology and directly contributes to the conservation of their habitats. We share this knowledge by publishing in scientific journals, submitting technical reports to partner agencies, and by providing data to landowners, biologists, conservationists, and local and regional planning departments. Here is round-up of some of our Heron and Egret Project publications. For complete list of ACR’s published research, see Audubon Canyon Ranch Scientific Contributions.

Ardeid Articles
Ardeid2018 Slow Local Recovery (PDF)Slow Local Recovery: Disturbance ecology of herons and egrets2018
Ardeid2018 A Year Following Egrets (PDF)A Year Following Egrets: Insights from birds with GPS tags2018
Ardeid2017 The Movement Ecology of Egrets (PDF)The Movement Ecology of Egrets: Studying top predators to understand landscape habitat linkages2017
Ardeid2016 Ardeid Landscapes (PDF)Ardeid Landscapes: Using statewide data to model the habitat needs of nesting herons and egrets by Emiko Condeso2016
Ardeid2014 Where Have All The Egrets Gone (PDF)Where Have All the Egrets Gone? Recent events at the Martin Griffin Preserve heronry by Sarah Millus2014
Ardeid2014-2 Ripples In The Pool (PDF)Ripples in the Pool: Local shifts, indefinite cycles, and the future of herons and egrets in Bolinas Lagoon by John P. Kelly2014
Ardeid2013 Life On The Edge (PDF)Life on the Edge: The status of Black-crowned Night-Herons in the northern San Francisco Bay area by Emiko Condeso2013
Ardeid2012 Outcasts On The Wing (PDF)Outcasts on the Wing:Modeling the regional effects of disturbance at heron and egret colonies by Sarah Millus2012
Ardeid2011 Herons Egrets Beyond Bay Area (PDF)Beyond the Bay Area: Mapping Heronries in Coastal California. by Emiko Condeso and John Sterling2011
Ardeid2010 Herons In The Mistpdf (PDF)Herons in the Mist: How will heron and egret populations respond to regional climate change? by John P. Kelly2010
Ardeid2009 Parental Wisdom (PDF)The Ecology of Parental Wisdom: Strategic nest attendance by Great Egrets, by John P. Kelly and Christine Rothenbach2009
Ardeid2009 Local Values (PDF)Local Values: A fine scale census of herons and egrets on Bolinas Lagoon, by Emiko Condeso2009
Ardeid2008 Nesting Landscape Protection (PDF)The Protection of Nesting Landscapes: Wetland Conservation and the Health of Heronries, by John P. Kelly2008
Ardeid2007 Foraging Horizons (PDF)Foraging Horizons: How Broadly do Herons and Egrets Search the Landscape for Food? by John P. Kelly and Mark McCaustland2007
Ardeid2006 Heronry Life Span (PDF)What’s the Life Span of a Heronry? Habitat Protection and Nesting Colonies, by John P. Kelly2006
Conservation Reports
Kelly Robinson-Nilsen 2011 StateoftheBirds (PDF)State of the Birds: San Francisco Bay 2011Jan 19, 2012
State of the Estuary 2015-PROCESSES Heron and Egret Brood Size (PDF)Processes–heron and egret brood size indicator. Technical summary and appendix, in State of the San Francisco Estuary 2015: Status and Trends Update on 33 Indicators of Ecosystem Health, San Francisco Estuary Partnership.Feb 18, 2016
State of the Estuary 2015-WILDLIFE Herons and Egrets (PDF)Wildlife–heron and egret nest density and nest survival indicators:. Technical summary and appendix, in State of the San Francisco Estuary 2015:Status and Trends Update on 33 Indicators of Ecosystem Health, San Francisco Estuary Partnership.Feb 18, 2016
Peer-reviewed Journal Publications
Rauzon et al 2019 Cormorants (PDF)Changes in abundance and distribution of nesting Double-crested Cormorants Phalacrocorax Auritus in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1975-20172019
Kelly etal 2018 Waterbirds (PDF)Nesting Dynamics of Four Ardeid Species at Supregional Scales: Recovery Rates after Sudden Major Declines in Nest Abundance2018
Kelly and Condeso 2014 (PDF)Rainfall Effects on Heron and Egret Nest Abundance in the San Francisco Bay Area2014
Rothenbach Kelly 2012 Condor 0 (PDF)The parental dilemma under variable predation pressure: adaptive variation in nest attendance by Great Egrets2012
Kelly et al 2007 Waterbirds (PDF)Status, Trends, and Implications for the Conservation of Heron and Egret Nesting Colonies in the San Francisco Bay Area2007
Kelly et al 2008 Wetlands (PDF)Landscape Influence on the Quality of Heron and Egret Colony Sites2008
Posters from Scientific Conferences
2009 State of Estuary Climate Change (PDF)Effects of rainfall during winter and nesting seasons on the rate of change in heron and egret nest abundance and implications of climate change2009
2007 State of Estuary Annotated Atlas (PDF)Annotated Atlas and regional monitoring of heron and egret nesting colonies in the San Francisco Bay area2007
2007 State of Estuary Landscape Influences (PDF)Landscape influences on heron and egret colony site selection, nest productivity, and foraging distribution in the San Francisco Estuary2007
2005 Calfed Landscape Use (PDF)Landscape use by herons and egrets in the San Francisco Estuary2005

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