Gordon Sherman was born in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1918. After graduating from the University of Chicago in 1948, he joined the then-modest family business known as Midas Muffler. Gordon was instrumental in expanding the business to form a network of Midas Muffler dealers throughout the country. After achieving financial success he retired in 1970, and moved to California. Gordy, as his friends called him, lived in Mill Valley and Stinson Beach, with his wife Kate and four sons.

Gordy was a true renaissance man, with a stunning array of talents and interests. He learned to play the French horn and oboe, taught music, grew orchids, kept hummingbirds and became an expert fly fisherman. But Gordy’s true passion was photographing nature, first as a student and then as innovator and master.

The Sherman family maintained a second residence in Stinson Beach, where Gordon met former ACR Biologist Ray Peterson and former ACR Executive Director Skip Schwartz, who both lived at the now-Martin Griffin Preserve during that time. Gordy traveled extensively in pursuit of nature subjects, and developed remarkable techniques in photographing birds. Some examples of his work can be seen in the section Gordon Sherman Photos. Members of the ACR family have fond memories of the dramatic and poetic slide shows that Gordy presented to our docents. Gordon lost his battle with cancer in 1987, but lives on in our memories and through his imagery.