• Zoom Video Conference
Registration for this event is limited to active ACR volunteers. The workshop will cover:
  • A brief update on status of these birds on Tomales Bay
  • Review of the protocols used for our surveys
  • Shorebird or Waterbird identification, with emphasis on species typically seen at Tomales Bay in winter
  • Winter identification challenges
  • Tips for counting birds, on the ground and in-flight
  • Question and answer session
This workshop is offered to research volunteers and the larger ACR volunteer community. Space for each workshop is limited to 100 attendees, priority will be given to our active research volunteers, so please register early! 
Email [email protected] if you have questions about registration. Any ACR volunteer is eligible to attend, even if you do not plan to survey birds with us this winter.

If you are not already on our shorebird and waterbird project mailing lists, and would be interested in volunteering for these projects, please send an email to Barbara Wechsbergcontaining your name, address, email address, phone number, and the survey you are interested in.    


Event photo by Len Blumin