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This panel was formed to create an open, amicable and educational discussion regarding wildlife management, land conversion, local policy & livestock predation, specifically addressing how these issues affect our local food supply & grazing for fire fuel load reduction.

This is a grassroots effort to gather information, experience and knowledge in a manner that honors and respects all voices. To bring together all parties of an emotionally heightened, culturally divisive topic in order to provide education, while reducing the animosity between sides. We are attempting to create a methodology and template in which we can experience and consider a viewpoint that is different from our own, while realizing that we can agree with aspects of both sides of the issues.

Panel discussion will be moderated by Sarah Keiser and Monty Sullivan

Panelists include:
Dr. Quinton Martins, Living with Lions
Dr. Winston Vickers, UC Davis
Justin Dellinger, CDFW
Tawny Tesconi, Sonoma County Farm Bureau
Jeff Furlong, Sonoma County Wildlife Specialists
Dr. Stephanie Larson, UC Cooperative Extension, Livestock & Range Manager
Evan Wiig, Community Alliance with Family Farmers
Ron Crane, rancher
Jim Jensen, Sonoma Resource Conservation District (RCD)
Bill Keene, Sonoma County Ag + Open Space

Registration for the webinar is required: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_MiqIjWV1Tx6lnFyDiJmK9w 

Click here for more information on ACR's Living With Lions.