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Update 5/7/20: This talk has been rescheduled for November 5, 2020. Please click here for details.

Update 4/7/20: This event has been postponed due to public safety measures regarding COVID-19. Please stay tuned for announcements regarding a future date for this event.

In California, mountain lions are at the top of the food chain and play critical roles in the maintenance and functioning of our natural ecosystems. However, mountain lions live a fragile existence as more of us choose to live and play in wild places. Audubon Canyon Ranch is studying our region’s mountain lions through their Living with Lions project to identify priority habitats and key wildlife corridors and to promote ecosystem conservation throughout our region.

Join Dr. Quinton Martins, Wildlife Ecologist, large cat expert, and lead investigator for Living with Lions, to learn more about this special research project and what they are learning in the process. Living with Lions humanely captures and equips lions with GPS collars, and is measuring the genetic makeup of California’s lion populations. The team is also investigating the impacts of the 2017 Sonoma County fires on large predators. Living with Lions partners with landowners and managers to implement the best methods to deter mountain lions from preying on pets and livestock, in order to create outcomes that benefit all when conflicts arise.

This talk will be held at:

Dwight Center for Conservation Science at Pepperwood Preserve
2130 Pepperwood Preserve Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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Open house at 6:30pm, lecture at 7:00pm. $10 suggested donation.

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