• Martin Griffin Preserve

Tickets: $20 non-member / $15 member or student / FREE for children under age 18. Fees support the preservation, education and conservation science programs of Audubon Canyon Ranch.

Central California is a hot spot for marine mammals along the California Current. In recent years, many of these species have rebounded from near extinction and now are abundant. Protected areas such as parks, wildlife refuges and sanctuaries provide safe havens for migrating and breeding animals. Conservation continues to be a challenge for this unique group of mammals, including emerging issues, acoustic stressors and changes in climate. We will talk about what are marine mammals, where they occur, what species you might observe here and how the concept of conservation is evolving.
Sarah Allen grew up in Marin County and as a child attended BBQs and field trips at ACR. She has studied birds and marine mammals, primarily pinnipeds in central California, studying first with PRBO (now known as Point Blue) and then with the National Park Service. Currently, she is the Science Program Lead for the National Park Service in the Pacific West Region. She has authored and co-authored numerous publications, including the Field guide to the Marine Mammals of the Pacific Coast: Baja, California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia. UC Press, California Natural History Guide Series. She received her M.S. and Ph.D. from University of California, Berkeley from the College of Natural Resources.

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