• Cypress Grove Research Center

This event has been cancelled due to public health restrictions to combat COVID-19.

Join ACR avian ecologist David Lumpkin at the 11th Annual Point Reyes Birding and Nature Festival hosted by the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin.

Held on the last weekend of April, the festival celebrates spring bird and wildlife migrations along the Pacific Flyway. Point Reyes National Seashore provides the backdrop for the festival, where the Pacific Flyway, Pacific Ocean, and other influences provide an ideal location for birding and wildlife viewing.

About David Lumpkin, Avian Ecologist at Cypress Grove Research Center
David joined ACR in March 2017 as a lead scientist on the Great Egret Telemetry Project. David earned a bachelor's degree in biology from Oberlin College. While there he conducted research on the role of plumage and bill coloration in goldfinches as a signal of physiological health. After graduating, David worked as a field technician for a variety of organizations conducting research on wild birds, banding migrants, and aiding conservation and recovery efforts. Focal species David has worked with include Golden-Cheeked Warblers, Yellow-Billed Cuckoos, Golden Eagles, and San Clemente Island Loggerhead Shrikes.

Space is limited, registration required.

Cost: $35

Tickets: www.pointreyesbirdingfestival.org