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Wildland Fire Fighter 2 Training for Prescribed Fire Practitioners

Participants will spend two days in class and in the field on review and hands-on instruction concerning the basics of wildland fire fighting and prescribed burning. We will build hand-line, do hose-lays, familiarize ourselves with a fire engine, and generally come away with a sense of the basics of wildland fire. The certificate will enable participants to engage in Rx burning with the Good Fire Alliance and is a recognized certificate by the CA Office of the State Fire Marshal. Online coursework is required prior to attending the field course, see details below.

TRAINING FACILITATOR: Phil Dye, Prometheus Fire Consulting, specializes in prescribed fire burn planning and implementation. Phil assists agencies and landowners with fuels management activities with an emphasis on prescribed burning where appropriate. In addition, Phil provides training and education for fire agency personnel across the country. ACR's Fire Forward staff will assist.

ONLINE COURSE PREREQUISITE: ALL participants need to complete the online portion of the training before arrival at the field course. The online course takes approx 30-40 hours to complete. It is recommended to set aside several dedicated sessions. Print completion records for each section and bring with you to the field training. Without the online coursework complete PRIOR TO THE FIELD TRAINING, registrants will not be able to attend the field training or receive Wildland Fire Fighter 2 certificate. Workshop fees will not be refunded for failure to complete the online portion.

Complete these five online sections and print the completion record for each:
L-180-  https://onlinetraining.nwcg.gov/node/163
S-130- https://onlinetraining.nwcg.gov/node/177
S-190-  https://onlinetraining.nwcg.gov/node/169
I-100c-  https://training.fema.gov/is/courseoverview.aspx?code=IS-100.c
IS-700b- https://training.fema.gov/is/courseoverview.aspx?code=IS-700.b

Pack Test: The Fire Fighter 2 certification requires an “arduous pack test,” which is a 3-mile walk with a 45-lbs pack in under 45 minutes, on flat ground. If you think you could do a fast walk with a full camping back pack for 45 minutes, then you can do it!

***DOWNLOAD THE PACK TEST VERIFICATION FORM HERE*** Please have a colleague or a friend time your pack test and fill out the form. Scan and return the form by email to Jared.childress@egret.org. Feel free to inquire more about this if you have questions.

Food and lodging provided.
Food Allergies/restrictions:
Please email jared.childress@egret.org if you have food allergies or restrictions. We will have vegan, veggie, carnivore options.

Housing: Co-ed bunkhouse. Tent camping optional. So that we can plan for all attendees, please indicate at time of registration if you prefer to tent camp OR if you will be lodging off the preserve Saturday night. We will be having a group hang out, dinner, fire pit on Sat night.
Gear: All participants need to bring a warm sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries, head lamp, snacks, leather work gloves, eye protection (sunglasses are fine), water bottle and work/ hiking boots and comfortable work clothes (jeans and long sleeve shirt will do). Bring layers. Those camping will need to bring a tent and sleeping pad in addition.

Fee: $120.00 (Scholarships available

To register for this event, click here.

For more information email ACR Prescribed Fire Specialist Jared Childress jared.childress@egret.org.

This training is funded in part by the Farley Family Charitable Foundation.