Occasionally, Audubon Canyon Ranch engages in public conservation policy issues that may affect, or be affected by, ACR programs or preserves. Because public conservation policy includes a wide-range of issues, ACR involvement is considered on a case-by-case basis.

ACR’s engagement in public conservation policy is guided by the extent to which particular conservation issues threaten ACR sanctuaries or surrounding lands. Also relevant is whether our particular scientific expertise, scientific results or explanation of those results is needed for key insights into appropriate solutions. 

ACR takes action

ACR involvement in conservation policy has included development of a master plan and conservation easement for the Tomales Dunes. We were engaged in numerous management issues in the Point Reyes National Seashore and threats to the protection of heronries in California and beyond. 

Audubon Canyon Ranch is enthusiastic about providing appropriate expertise or results related to our scientific work to help develop public conservation plans. ACR has played a key role in public conservation planning for these projects:

  • Southern Pacific Shorebird Conservation Plan
  • Coastal California Waterbird Conservation Plan
  • Giacomini Wetlands Restoration Plan (in southern Tomales Bay)
  • State of Birds of San Francisco Bay report
  • Tomales Bay Watershed Stewardship Plan
  • Tomales Bay Mooring Program
  • Recovery plans for tricolored blackbirds in the San Joaquin Valley
  • Marine Protected Areas (Marine Life Protection Act)
  • Natural resources management and restoration plans for Bolinas Lagoon
  • GIS planning tools for the protection of heronries 

Photo Credits: 

  • Wyn Hoag