August 07, 2015

For the first time in 53 years, Audubon Canyon Ranch (ACR) has unveiled a new Brand and Communications Plan designed to increase the public’s understanding of our mission, and the impact we make in our communities. This messaging and new brand reflect ACR’s revitalized vision which recognizes that efforts to improve the health of our planet require a multidisciplinary approach that is broad in scope and scale and includes conservation, education, and science. ACR knows that critical environmental issues go beyond the borders of its sanctuaries, and we have a unique capacity to address many of these challenges. The Brand and Communications Plan strengthens our message, makes it clearer and more concise, and does so in a professional, relevant, and contemporary manner.


August 06, 2015

Mounted cameras on three of ACR's preserves-Modini Mayacamas, Bouverie and Martin Griffin-take photos of wildlife passing by. The photos provide a glimpse into the resident and migratory wildlife that call our preserves home.

Data from these cameras offer valuable insight to ACR science and education staff. Among them are trends in wildlife use and the opportunity for docents to talk with students about how we can share the land.

This video is a collection of our favorite shots collected over the past few years.

Many thanks to ACR volunteer and wildlife enthusiast Ginny Fifield for producing this film.

July 27, 2015

ACR has a 53 year history of leadership in regional conservation and a commitment to “Conservation in Action.” This includes our efforts to address the major impacts that are expected from Climate Change over the coming decades; e.g. higher than average temperatures, an increase in the severity of storms and drought, sea level rise, and a changing ecological landscape. With our increasing attention to these impacts and our leadership role in building community awareness of regional conservation concerns, ACR is well positioned to make key contributions that can promote broad cultural change needed to reduce carbon emissions. As the most significant environmental issue of our time that will impact both natural and human communities, we all need to pull together to find solutions that...

July 27, 2015

On a small but biologically valuable shoreline property in Inverness, our Conservation Science and Stewardship Teams are restoring transitional habitat for the largest tidal wetland area on Tomales Bay.

Once fully restored, the property will extend the adjacent habitat values of Shields Marsh, a publicly accessible, four-acre ACR preserve adjoining the State of California's Tomales Bay Ecological Reserve and just bayward of the Giacomini Wetlands Restoration site. In addition, Shields Marsh is one of the many survey stations around Tomales Bay from which we have been tracking baywide shorebird use since 1989. 

Characterized by dense vegetation on the upper terraces, brackish and salt marshes, and the open waters of the bay, this generous land donation by Helen McLaren...