ACR installs solar energy systems on two preserves

ACR installs solar energy systems on two preserves

Visitors to Martin Griffin Preserve in Stinson Beach and Bouverie Preserve in Glen Ellen this month were greeted with friendly waves from the Pure Power Solutions team installing our new solar panels.

Roof-mounted system at Martin Griffin Preserve, Stinson Beach 

ACR’s Board of Directors in November unanimously backed an innovative approach to a major facilities upgrade that required very little upfront costs yet delivered big on our conservation goals. Normally, the roof- and ground-mounted systems of this size would cost a solar customer between $200,000-250,000, yet in a partnership that pairs an investor with the solar installation company and the consumer, our upfront costs will be limited to site preparation such as minor tree work. This partnership would not have been possible without the help of investors Oliver Max and Sonja Max of Healdsburg, and Pure Power Solutions owner Rody Jonas, also of Healdsburg. Both Oliver Max and Rody Jonas are ACR supporters.

Once installed, the ground array at Bouverie Preserve is projected to generate 100% of the preserve’s electric energy needs, and at Martin Griffin Preserve, the roof-mounted system will generate 100% of the energy needs for our headquarters in Picher Canyon, and roughly 50% of the combined needs of the four canyons of the preserve. ACR will pay the Maxs for the energy generated at a reduced cost from our current rates and will enjoy even greater savings on days when generation outpaces use.

Ground-mounted system at Bouverie Preserve

“Utilizing clean solar energy is a natural manifestation of our mission of Conservation in Action,” said Director of Finance and Operations Hugh Robertson, adding that ACR will have the opportunity to purchase the system from the Maxs after six years of operation.

For more information about solar energy systems, visit Pure Power Solutions online.