ACR’s new Conservation Science Intensive (CSI) combines our commitment to Conservation in Action, our extraordinary female staff, and our 5,000 acres of permanently protected wildland, to create a summer program designed to inspire and mentor tomorrow’s female conservationists. The program was brought to fruition in 2016 by an unprecedented cross-program team that included all of ACR’s female conservation, stewardship, and education staff, with seed money provided by Impact100 Sonoma.

For the 2017 program, a diverse group of young women, ages 16 & 17, will visit each of ACR’s four preserves to learn from and work with each of the team members, while developing skills in natural history, fire ecology, radio telemetry, invasive species management, vegetation assessment, and marine ecology - all while building confidence and developing leadership skills.

Summer 2017 Program Dates:  June 19 - 23, 2017

Application forms and more information will be available here in late 2016. 



























Participants of our recent session had this to say about the program:

"I've never learned so much in one day" - Aliya, speaking about the first day of the CSI program.

"I liked learning from women leaders in conservation about ideas that I usually don't think about." - Hannah

“I think the more you are aware, the more you can appreciate the natural world.” -Hannah

“Sherry taught us how to read the landscape and I never really thought of that; like where fire was and why certain plants are growing in certain areas.” -Emma

“Everything we’ve learned in this program has been directly applicable to our lives, when we’re out in the world, hiking and living our lives.” -Emma

“I like that we don’t care what we look like or that we are all sweaty. We’re just here to learn.” -Erin

“I am so thankful for this camp because I am experiencing things that I never would have been able to.”  -Sophia

“It is just nice to know that people can do what they love and be happy with their job.” -Amy